Best Vacation Spots For Single Men


man-vacation-soloGoing solo on a trip can be a rewarding experience and it is not necessarily a sign of limited options. Whether you are fresh from a breakup or have decided to go it alone for a while, traveling alone can give you freedom when it comes to deciding where to travel and what to do once you are there. A solo traveler is not constrained by requests from a romantic partner or children and can engage in serendipitous browsing or take some sensible risks while on the road. There are a number of vacation spots that are particularly fitting for single men. Some have natural wonders or cultural richness appreciated by a solo traveler, whereas other places are famous for meeting people and in some cases even hooking up. As a single guy on a trip, you can even change your mind at the last minute, an ability to shift gears makes solo travel truly an adventure.

North and south of the border

Take a trip to Toronto, which is similar to New York, but, without the overcrowding. Take a culinary trip to Chinatown and wander through Kensington market during the day. Toronto has a lively nightclub scene as well as theaters and museums for the culturally minded.

Montréal is often compared to Paris with its spicy nightlife and open-mindedness. Montréal combines French attitude with Canadian sensibility and has strikingly beautiful parks and glorious buildings. Many of its clubs are delightfully saucy and great for a bit of fun.

Mexico provides sights, sounds, and flavors that are ideal for the adventurous traveler. Try out your Spanish, enjoy some ice cold Cerveza with authentic tamales and speak with other travelers or expatriates. English speakers who dwell in Mexico formed a community called Playa, and they are often open and socialize with travelers. Mexico is a great place to go on a budget and has a rich, masculine vibe that makes traveling alone as a man a welcome adventure.

Explore the USA

One of the best places to go when you’re traveling solo is New York City. You can spend hours walking over the Brooklyn or Williamsburg Bridge, strolling the city streets for fascinating sights and sounds. New York City is one of the best places to people watch, to browse through bookstores or to try out a new restaurant. It is easy to be alone in New York and not feel awkward, but at the same time, New Yorkers are quite friendly if you engage them in conversation. There are many young men and women looking for fun in the Big Apple, and its nightlife has a deserved reputation for excellence. With hundreds of cultural activities and thousand of restaurants, it’s no wonder that New York City is the place people go for excitement.

Las Vegas is a city of sin, fun and a garden of earthly delights. Its energizing vibe is expressed in its racy neon lights on its many casinos, clubs, and hotels. Whether you want to risk a bit at the casino or strike up an acquaintance with the showgirl, Las Vegas is the capital of the world of now and is the best place to grab some impulsive enjoyment before the moment flies away.

Miami is a beloved city for the young and the old, the native-born and the immigrant. It is the ultimate place in America for fun in the sun, and there’s little wonder why students flock there for spring break. Spend all day at the beach with the bikini-clad acquaintance and dance all night in the city’s many clubs. Cruise through the generously sized streets lined with statuesque palm trees in a rented convertible with a new, beautiful friend.

A trip to the old world

London is a vibrant modern city with reverence for its history and its traditional English charm. Like New York, it contains a myriad of cultural opportunities with fascinating museums, sites to see and West End Theater. Enjoy a simple jacket potato and a few pints of beer while watching a soccer game in a traditional English pub with its rich wooden chairs and fragrant leather upholstery. Step into an entirely different world in the nighttime with its chic clubs and unique bars. London contains contradictions and suits of a variety of moods from traditional to eccentric and even wild.

Amsterdam is charming and quaint with its colorful row houses by the water and its many boats. It is also a famously open-minded city with its relaxed attitudes about sexuality and marijuana use. Amsterdam suits the mood of a solitary traveler and can accommodate your sense of enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a quiet stroll by the water, or for easy-going companionship in one of the city’s many hotspots, Amsterdam has something for everyone.

Stockholm is an aesthetically striking and comfortable place to visit, with its many green spaces combined with its sophisticated urban feel. The Swedish city is an excellent place to go bicycling and visit museums.

If you like to party all night, literally all night, Barcelona is a great city to visit. The Spanish mean business when they talk about nightlife, with bars and outdoor celebrations they keep going until dawn. It’s no wonder why the Spanish are famous for giving the world the concept of the siesta, which is exactly what you will need after an exciting night out.

An Exotic excursion

If you want to take a break from the workday stress, consider a trip to the Caribbean.  Going solo to a tropical paradise can easily serve as an effective anti-pressure therapy.  Spend all day at the beach and make new friends, or take snorkeling trips with groups and fishing expeditions. Whether you want to fill your day with Maritime activities or just relax in the sand, the Caribbean provides many options. St. Thomas is one of the most popular places to visit in the Virgin Islands and contains some of the world’s most striking beaches.

Traveling alone gives you a particular kind of freedom that is not available if you’re bringing along a romantic partner or friends. You are free to make your own choices, so it’s worthwhile to visit places that offer options to fit your various moods. Look for places to visit that combine cultural activities with exciting nightlife and have relaxing beaches or other natural attractions.