Get Your Six Pack This Summer


six-packGet Your Six Pack This Summer

People call you “Joe Six Pack”, but not for the reason you want to be called “Joe Six Pack”. You know it’s time to get in gear. But, getting into shape isn’t enough, it’s time to get the six pack abs that you feel are within you and are just aching to get out. It’s summertime, so there’s never been a better time to get going on the six pack abs you’ve always known you can achieve. You may have a friend who has arrived at six-pack success. But, he gets a bit cagey when you ask him what his secret is. Some people swear by whey protein, and others will tell you to do more squats, but the truth is everybody is different and you have to figure out what is holding you back from the ultimate muscle achievement.

About those six pack abs…

Six pack abs are not endowed on certain people like a 150 IQ, but, consists of the full development of one group of muscles called the rectus abdominus. Other parts connected to this muscle group are the external and internal obliques and the erector spinae. The key to developing six pack abs to realize that this muscle group developed to its full potential will give you the result you want. It is a question of developing the core of the muscle group and to eliminate what conceals it, which for most people is a layer of fat. The key to developing six pack abs is to carve away at the fat layer through weight loss and to develop the underlying muscles. This is a two-pronged approach that has achieved results for many people. Although some find it challenging to undertake radical weight loss and bodybuilding at the same time. This is the reason why a gradual approach might be best. However, people who want ultimate abs by the summer and are getting a start in July may not want to hear that. Don’t lose hope, because it is possible to achieve results relatively quickly, with effort.

What may be holding you back

If you’ve done everything to get that sculpted six pack outlook but feel something seems to be holding you back, it might just be the lower abs or the area below the navel. This abdominal V-line is challenging to develop properly and yet it supports the rest of the abdominal muscles. Consider doing more crunches, knee raises, reverse bicycles and squats. Many people think that higher intensity is necessarily better and achieve the results faster. Some experts disagree, saying it is better to keep repetitions per set low and to have more sets. This gives you a chance to rest so that you can put more energy and intensity into each set and make repetitions count. In addition, deadlifts and squats boost your testosterone level, and this hormone aids radical muscular development.

What about diet?

What about diet? What a question! Exercise is important but it’s only half the battle. Once you’ve decided to build up the lower abdomen area to more sets of squats and crunches, focus on eliminating that layer of fat that keeps those six pack abs in hiding. If you want the abs of your dreams while it’s still summer, reduce your caloric intake every day by 500 calories while keeping up your exercise routine. Increase your energy as you reduce your caloric intake by having a low-fat protein every morning before you embark on your workout routine.

Don’t believe the hype, however, that protein is wholly good and carbohydrates are the ultimate evil. Muscle development requires carbohydrates for fuel, so indulge in that juicy steak, but, add a nice baked potato or serving of rice on the side. However, you should hold the cream sauce and the butter because the idea is to lose the fat that is hiding your perfect abs from the world.

Many people tout protein powders for bodybuilders as well as miracle supplements that guarantee you the body of your dreams. These supplements may not be snake oil, but, keep in mind that good things rarely come easily, and that is especially true of six pack abs. Whey protein isn’t a bad thing and has helped many people on the road to building muscle. Nevertheless, these supplements should not be relied upon at the expense of diet and exercise which is the best solution for building your physique.

Should you get a trainer?

Depending on how badly you want to achieve the six pack ab look by this summer, you should consider enlisting the services of a personal trainer who can help you realize your fitness goals. While a trainer involves significant investment, one on one assistance is likely to achieve results. It’s possible to read up on the best ways to achieve six pack abs, but, ultimately everybody is unique, and what works for your body might not work for someone else. A personal trainer can pinpoint what is most effective for your situation and can troubleshoot to determine what is holding you back from building and toning muscle. A personal trainer is right there with you at the gym, urging you on when you’re doing squats and recommends which exercises will show better results. He can also advise you on diet and how you can lose fat to uncover muscle.

You’ve been putting it off for years, but, now it’s finally time to realize your fitness goals and sport the physique you’ve always wanted at the beach. If you have the time, discipline and the will to develop muscle while losing weight, your dream of six pack abs does not have to be far-off but can become a reality sooner than you expect.