What Every Guy Should Know About Interior Decorating

decorating for men

decorating for menYou’ve worked and waited, and now you finally have your very own bachelor pad. Maybe you’ve lived with roommates for years and had to compromise about space and decorating. If you have your own place, you can make decisions that are truly about your own design, storage, and furniture. Couples are notorious for arguing about what kind of a table to buy or print to hang on the wall, but, if you’re going solo, you can afford to be bold and create the kind of interior that expresses your style and your attitude. The most difficult question you encounter will be, “Where to start?” It pays to do some brainstorming and careful thinking about what kind of look you want in your surroundings. Browse through magazines, websites, and talk to friends whose sense of style you admire.

Cool and Collected

Don’t think of decorating as something that has a deadline and involves rushing, panicked budgeting and stress. In fact, don’t even think of it as decorating. An impressive interior is like an archive. It should be a collection of places you’ve gone, your interests and things you like. If you take the collecting approach to building the aesthetic of your interior design, you can take your time to incorporate things you really care about in your home. Decorating gives the impression that you are “prettying up” and giving it a cosmetic lift. Add a more holistic attitude to your home and give it your essence by displaying things that are important to you. For instance, you can make some quality fishing equipment a work of art. Frame a letter from a celebrity. Hang up that autographed soccer jersey and don’t be embarrassed about showing off your trophies. Or maybe even showcase your childhood stamp collection.

Let furniture set the tone

The type of furniture you have in your home makes an impression and sets the tone for your interior decorating. The dining room table or an accent chair is, to a room, what a centerpiece is to a table. Think about what kind of style and attitude you want your home to have and try to stick to a particular theme. This is important to keep in mind before you choose your accent furniture. Do you want that classic, rugged/natural look? Then you should choose a handmade, heavy wooden table and chairs. If quality wood work is something that you value, consider investing in a carpenter to do custom work for your project specifically. A unique table or set of chairs creates an environment and a feel to your home. If you want to go for a classic look, a few fine antique pieces will give your design the charm of yesteryear and may add value to your home.

Pay attention to details

It’s tempting to focus most of your interior decorating ideas in the living room while making the bathroom and kitchen merely functional. You can express your style in your kitchen by renovating it. However, that can be very time-consuming and expensive. Instead, start with kitchen supplies that are stylish as well as practical, such as a marble cutting board, funky glasses or a set of high-quality knives. Combine storage and display wherever you can. Display glasses, pots and pans in overhead compartments or open cabinets. Look for a sleek sophisticated version of the old-fashioned spice rack. You can spruce up bathrooms by decorating them with plants and investing in high-quality, attractive towels. You can change your bathroom look dramatically just by selecting new towel racks or a faucet handle that can be installed with basic tools.

On the Walls

Make sure everything that hangs on your wall expresses something meaningful about yourself. When you were a college student, you probably had a few prints just to liven things up, but, now that you have your own pad, it’s time to express your personality, so put up some real art. If you’re on a budget, you can also always find black and white prints and affordable art photography. Think of art as an investment and not just something to put on your wall. Visit local art galleries and see if there’s an artist you find particularly appealing. Purchasing just one painting or sculpture from a local artist is an affordable way to create an atmosphere in your home and may be a sound investment if that the artist enjoys popularity. You may also want to display some sentimental items or photos from a trip, but, make sure not to mix themes on the same wall or in the same section. You can place art in your living room and sentimental items in the hallway or vice versa.

The ultimate bedroom

Your bedroom should be reserved for a few special people, and it is the perfect place for you to express yourself. At the same time, avoid having a bedroom design that is too busy. It is, after all, a place for sleeping. Having high-quality sheets, bedspreads, and pillows are tantamount to creating the right bedroom, and if these items are mediocre, it can kill the vibe of your bedroom. Choose pillows and a bedspread that pick up the colors of the wallpaper and the carpet, and are consistent with the overall design of the room. If you’re tired of your old bedspread, choosing a new design can really alter the feeling of your bedroom. Store your shoes, your ties and your suits with attractive items that combine storage and display.

The best way of designing your bachelor pad is allowing it to evolve, and like a shoe, take on your shape over time. Think in terms of collecting rather than decorating and make your home an archive of who you are and what you like. People should be able to walk into your home and have a sense of your personality and what you value. Don’t let any adherence to decorating neutralize your expression, but, let your home be truly yours.