Why a Man Still Needs a Watch

businessman wearing watch

businessman wearing watchWith the plethora of phones and gadgets at our fingertips these days, the art of watch wearing may seem quaint to millennials. Giving someone the time of day with a glance at your phone seems easier than turning around your wrist, and you don’t need to worry about the bulky sensation created by a watch. However, it is undeniable that men who don’t wear watches are missing out. It is hard to explain to a millennial how a watch made the man, almost as much as the clothes. Besides a wedding ring, the wristwatch was one of the few ways men could express their personality with accessories. A watch goes with every outfit and represents an attitude to life, business, and fashion. You can always tell a guy based on the watch he wears, and when an attractive woman asked for the time of day, you can bet she paid attention to his watch.

Although our fathers and grandfathers could not have imagined life without their favorite wristwatch, it may be surprising to know that this type of accessory has been popular for men for a brief century. Prior to World War I, pocket watches were pulled out of trousers or vests when men wanted to know or announce the time of day. As the fashion for both men and women became more functional and sleek in the 1920s, so devices for telling time evolved into the convenient wrist watch for both men and women. Prior to this era, the wristwatch was considered a piece of jewelry, and therefore, feminine. Those early critics of the wrist watch could not have imagined that a solid wrist watch would eventually express a peculiarly masculine feeling and style.

Selecting a Watch

If you have decided to wear a watch to bring a classic touch to your outfit or because of the features and functionality a quality watch provides, there are a number of things to consider. Think about why you want a watch and what purpose it is intended to serve. Consider a dress watch with metal casing, a leather strap, and jewels on the inside. Or think about purchasing a sports watch with a plastic cover, rubber straps and features such as a timer, pedometer. You can find smart features that will provide biofeedback during a workout and waterproof features for the avid swimmer. An office watch with a smart leather strap and gold or silver highlights with a sleek face is a good match with a suit for a business meeting.

Give a thought to maintenance as well when choosing a watch. You can look for a vintage wind-up watch or one that is powered by lithium ion batteries. The environmentally conscious may choose solar powered watches for a sustainable approach to telling time. Your budget is also a primary consideration. Watches with precious metal coatings and gems adorning the face can cost $1,000 or more. Designer watches with genuine leather straps and titanium and metal materials can command anywhere from $300 to $700. Sports quartz watches made of plastic or resin composites can be inexpensive and run about $50 to $200 depending on the brand and the features.

Top Brands of Watches

If you like sporting and camping and are looking for watches that have special features for adverse conditions, look at a selection of Swiss-based Ball watches. The Ball company dates back to the early days of railroads and helped set up standardized time that prevented collisions. The Ball company has developed proprietary technology such as H micro gas tubes that can be seen clearly in the dark. Its crown protection system ensures a completely waterproof face that resists pressure and shocks. Its patented slide chronograph technology has a bar fitted around a case that enables stop and reset features. Many Ball watch designs are inspired by railroads and timekeeping devices used by engineers.

For the eco-conscious watch wearer, the Citizen Eco-Drive watch is a good choice, with its canvas strap and  technology that runs on natural or artificial light and never needs a battery change. This durable, waterproof watch is suitable for business and leisure and has a natural, masculine style. It has a precision quartz movement and vibrates at a speed that regulates movement.

Rolex watches are a symbol of luxury and style and represent the highest quality watches available. In 1910, Rolex was awarded the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. The Oyster watch was one of the first dust and waterproof models available, and the iconic watchmaker also developed the automatic winding feature. One classic model is the black faced bezel Oyster watch from Rolex with a solid, stainless steel case. The face is black with bright hands that glow in the dark, and the watch has a self-winding feature with a scratch-resistant crystal face.

For a bold, elegant look, check out Michael Kors selection of watches. The Lexington model has a bright, champagne color with Roman numerals. Golden stainless steel creates a durable, scratch-proof base and the luminous face with lines marking the hours. On the face are three sub-dials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 24 hours. The quartz movement is designed for ultimate precision.

A watch is not an irrelevant relic of the past but is still very much a part of the men’s fashion scene. Choose a watch that reflects your lifestyle, look, and personality. You may prefer a watch for all seasons that is durable enough to stand up to adverse weather conditions. Many men have a watch for every day and another one for formal occasions to add versatility. Think about your price range, the type of styles you like and special features.